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About Us

It all started with a wallet.

Time and speed are of the essence in today’s fast-paced world. With places to be, much to do, and lots to bring, we tend to overlook the seemingly small things: like how bulky wallets placed in back pockets make sitting down very uncomfortable.

At one of our classes in university, this is something that bothered us deeply. Many of our classmates suffered from bad posture and serious back problems, all because their bulky wallets, kept in their back pockets, made it difficult for them to sit down properly. We wanted to fix this by designing an everyday wallet that would fit nicely in one’s front pocket, without compromising functionality, design, and quality. Guided by this insight and drive to solve this problem through design, we came up with the Trento Slim Leather Wallet.

That was just the beginning. Since 2016, Sliv has been developing clever leather goods for everyday use such as money clips and travel essentials. More than that, we’ve also been reinventing our products to make them even more functional and practical with smarter designs, heightened functionality, and better quality materials.

Backed up by superior Filipino craftsmanship and top-grade genuine cowhide leather, Sliv is dedicated to constant innovation and encouraging others to #SlivSimply. We now hope to share this obsession with efficiency and commitment to promoting simpler lifestyles of ours with the rest of the world.